The Learning Environment


Research shows that children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to individual learning needs. We consider the environment here at The Learning Tree Nursery to be 'our third teacher'.

The quality and layout of spaces and patterns of usage are deliberately and painstakingly designed bearing in mind the desired educational outcomes prescribed by the EYFS curriculum.

Our inspiring 'mobile classrooms' are the cornerstone of our curriculum. The Expressive Arts and Design Room, the Construction and Number Zone and the Language Playroom are destinations along the path of discovery which the children follow in a typical week. These are interconnected spaces which allow the experience of an enhanced Free Flow. Learning occurs in a variety of settings and so, essentially, the classroom is mobile.

Our central indoor role play area, the Learning Square is, as the name suggests, the heart of our facility. Awash with natural light, and with clearly designated spaces for large and small group activities, this central piazza becomes an interactive space that allows children to build critical social skills. The dress up zone, reading wall, role play area, childrens' theatre and ICT area all provide opportunities for interaction and encourage relationship building.

We are particularly proud of our private outdoor play area which is equipped with a carefully chosen, age-appropriate outdoor play gym on an Astroturf surface. Under a shady canopy, our children engage in sand and water play as well as Physical Education games and activities that provide the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills.

Safety and security of our children is of the highest priority for us and the design of our premises has been carried out with the utmost regard for this responsibility. Our Early Years Furniture and all educational resources, toys, and indoor and outdoor equipment have been brought in from leading international providers from the U.K, United States and Germany, meeting the highest international standards.

Our dedicated Learning Tree Parents' Lounge is a novel idea integral to our mission of providing a complete neighbourhood service. Located on the first floor, alongside our administrative offices, this is where we aspire to connect parents through social events such as coffee mornings, reading groups, 'Mums and Toddlers' events and activities or presentations on child related issues and family well being.