About Us

   Our school has grown out of a passion to provide the highest quality of care and education to children in a rich and stimulating environment.

Envisaged and created by seasoned educators, all with a strong foundation in the British Early Years and Foundation Stage Framework, we have developed our deeply researched and carefully constructed early development programme: The Learning Tree Philosophy. With our chain of nurseries opening across the U.A.E and Qatar, we hope our website offers you an insight into our school and into the workings of the Learning Tree environment.



The Learning Tree philosophy

Fundamentally, The Learning Tree is a neighbourhood nursery. Like a tree, it will grow from our neighbourhood and shape our neighbourhood as it caters to the needs of our community.

Dubai, and Executive Towers in particular, offer an exciting environment for families. And we have drawn upon this to create a stimulating environment for our children: an environment in which children have the opportunity to be active learners, intrepid explorers and creative inventors – all within the safe environs of their school.

We realise that many families in our community are part of a rapidly changing expatriate environment; nevertheless, they want to be part of a community.  A community that has a strong sense of self and in which every child is welcomed as a member of the family and as a friend.  The Learning Tree provides an international education to an international community... in a local neighbourhood.

Of course, a community is not only about its children, just as education is not only about schools.  Here, at the Learning Tree, we create opportunities for us all to come together during school hours and beyond.  We aim to build circles of support for you and your family that are so essential in an expatriate community.

For this purpose we have created our dedicated Learning Tree Parents’ Lounge. Located on the first floor, alongside our administrative offices, The Lounge serves as a community centre, a meeting place  or simply a peaceful refuge, where we can come together through social events such as coffee mornings, reading groups, 'Mums and Toddlers' events and activities or presentations on child related issues and family well being.  The Lounge is also a year round gallery providing parents with a window onto the way we do things and an opportunity for our children to share their joy and their achievements with the people who matter most.

And parents do matter most.  Parents are vital collaborators in the process of a child’s education.  We believe firmly in the value of strong home-school partnerships.  Our school provides a focal point for the community and brings it together, but it also reaches into our community. 

It reaches into homes as our teachers work with parents to ensure that they have the necessary skills to reinforce at home.

We expect parents to be active partners in their child’s education.   Just as we do, we expect parents to foster the potential of their children to think, to learn and to play.

Our children are not simply targets of instruction; their minds are not simply vessels to be filled.  Our children deserve to be inspired, to be encouraged and to grow.